Soriano: Ronaldinho will play out his career at Barcelona

Soriano said: “There is no doubt that Barca and Ronaldinho has built a successful marriage and will stay together until the end.

“I once said to his brother, Roberto (de Assis), that people expect him to go out every game like he’s hunting a lion. We know that’s impossible.

“It makes no sense to judge him over two, four, six games. You must watch his long-term form. Not only is he an extraordinary player, but he has linked his image to Barca and vice-versa.”

Soriano added: “We want to talk about his contract, but it will be very complex. We want so he finishes his career here.

“We won’t risk losing him next year (FIFA’s contract buy-out law). We want him to stay and we’ll discuss it. No dates are set, but we will soon do so.”