Stoke boss ready for Man City clash

Pulis is expecting a ‘gloves off’ battle at Eastlands.

Pulis said: “I am looking to pick a positive team and go there to have a right go.

“It is very important we go there and be positive and the team I pick is not overawed by the occasion or the players they are playing against.

“I think we have gone to one or two grounds and been a little bit in awe still this year.

“But our away performances have been a lot better than last year and the only way to break the taboo is by winning.

“I’m sure the last thing Roberto Mancini wants – and we all want – is a draw so it’s ‘gloves off’ because I think both sides will want a result one way or the other.”

He added: “It’s going to be very difficult for us in a game against one of the richest clubs in the world.

“But Manchester City have spent an absolute fortune on players and they will be expecting a return for that investment.

“They’ve got two chances to do that by winning the cup or qualifying for the Champions League so there is that pressure on them, whereas we’re the underdogs and we’re looking forward to it.”