Sunderland boss Keane: I’m coming to get you Fergie

The former Manchester United skipper said: “I look forward to going to all the grounds next season, not just Old Trafford.

“The North East derby will be special and we want to beat Newcastle. But we also want to beat Middlesbrough, Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham, Everton, Bolton. We want to beat all of them.

“And I want us to bring good football to the Premiership.

“We’re not going up with the attitude of just surviving, we’ll bring something to it. Our fans certainly will. It has been a yo-yo club — there’s no getting away from that — and we want to change the mind-set

“If I can bring in the right players we can add to the Premiership, not just try to hang in there. It will be hard but you have seen Bolton do remarkably well this season.

“The hard work starts now. I am not going up with the mind-set of thinking we’ve had a great season if we finish fourth from bottom.

“I’ve heard managers say that many times but you won’t be hearing that from me.”