Sunderland boss keen to beat Man Utd

Bruce wants to get one over his former boss Sir Alex Ferguson.

“Oh aye, he’s ‘the boss’, absolutely,” said Bruce on Ferguson.

“There will never be another one. Since I have left, it doesn’t matter where you go, everybody asks the same thing: ‘What was he like? What was it like?’

“He is a quite unbelievable manager and it is a quite unbelievable club, and I was privileged to be there, that’s the only thing I can say.

“I was privileged to be there for the best part of 10 years. I have been trying for years to get a result over them and haven’t quite managed it.

“I have managed a few draws, but that’s about it. But they are without question for me still the team that has everybody talking about them.

“When Manchester United come to town, there is something about them and you would love to get a result against them – but it’s not easy.

“There are a few managers, not just myself, who have tried hard and have been unable to get a result against them.”