Sunderland star Evans signs new Man Utd deal

Evans is delighted to play under Sunderland boss Roy Keane, in the Championship.

He said: “A lot of players would say that he was their favourite player. I grew up watching United on TV in the treble year and he was my favourite player. I remember the Juventus game when he got the header and just kept despite the booking and that inspired me and a lot of others to keep going. It was a motivation.

“I went to see Sir Alex in his office and I knew he wouldn’t let me go until I signed a new contract. He asked me where I wanted to go. I said Sunderland.

“He rang Roy Keane and then he got in touch with me and my parents, which was nice. He gave me the go-ahead. I was so excited to come up.

“It was a big confidence booster to get back to England and play in this league. It’s only a six months period that I’m here for but who knows. Ben Foster was at Watford last season and he has stayed there because it furthered his development. I don’t know if Sir Alex would let me stay or not. But I’m loving it.

“There are a lot of centre backs at United but if you can’t be better than them, there’s no point in being at that club.

“I want the best for United, because I’m a fan, and I would accept it if I’m not good enough. I’ve got confidence in my own ability, though. A lot of the players give you advice but it’s up to you to watch those players, to try to aspire to what they do on the pitch.”