Sylvinho: Arsenal is the right place for Denilson

The former Arsenal star told “I don’t know Julio Baptista personally, although we played against each other a few times in Spain.

“He is so strong, and so quick. Especially when he was at Sevilla, he was fantastic. I am sure he will be a real success for Arsenal. As for Denilson [Arsenal’s other Brazilian recruit last summer], I don’t really know anything about him, to be honest. But he has captained the Brazil Under-18 team, and the fact that Arsene Wenger has signed him is enough to tell you that he must be something special.

“It’s really hard to explain why Brazil produces so many good young players like Denilson. Obviously, it is a very big country, and football is so important to everyone. Every kid in Brazil dreams of becoming the next big star. Maybe we will be seeing him in the Selecao before too long as well.”