Tonetto: I changed my mind at the last second

Tonetto has revealed that he changed his mind at the last second.

“It’s such a shame, as during the week I did practice penalties and always scored,” explained the full-back.

“When I started my run-up I noticed [Manuel] Almunia moving towards the corner I wanted, so I changed my mind at the last second and ended up making a huge mess of it.”

He continued: “We leave with our heads held high, but unfortunately still go out. It was a great performance with many chances, but then the lottery of penalties punished us again.

“I am sorry to have missed, as we deserved to go through. I particularly wish to apologise to the fans who cheered us on for two hours straight.

“Considering the first and second legs, it was very even and both teams deserved a place in the quarter-finals.

“Now we must do well to come together and start again by targeting fourth place in Serie A.”