Trezeguet: I will stay with Juventus

Trezeguet said: “I have another year on my contract and intend to respect it. I never said I was leaving. At the start of the season I was asked if I was disappointed not to be playing Champions League football.

“I answered that effectively it was a problem because we had earned the right to enter that competition on the field of play. It was taken away from us for reasons that had nothing to do with the team.”

Trezeguet admits he was disappointed that Juventus refused to sell him last summer.

He said: “I was disappointed that I wasn’t given the same choices as those who left. The club considered me irreplaceable and I took that as a sign of respect, but I have been here for seven years and thought I could have more of a say in my future.

“All I received was a phone call telling me to turn up to pre-season training on August 10. Basically, it wasn’t my choice to remain in Serie B.”