UEFA recommends members leagues not to abandon seasons

Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk
Photo by Lynne Cameron/Getty Images

This comes as the Belgian top-flight have requested to abandon their campaign and make all current positions in the table final. Clubs in the neighbouring Netherlands are also leaning towards the same decision regarding season 2019/20.

UEFA want leagues decided on the pitch

UEFA have sent out a letter to its 55 member leagues stating that they wish for all league seasons to be decided on the pitch, complying with the rules of the game.

The letter states that UEFA are confident that football will resume in the coming months. UEFA had originally planned to resume competitions on June 30th, but reports suggest that hiatus could now extend to July. The hope is that all the major competitions will be played out in July and August, with the idea that the European competitions could be complete after the domestic campaigns come to an end.

Nobody had talked about cancelling their leagues

UEFA held a video conference meeting on Wednesday, in which no member talked about cancelling or abandoning their current campaign. However, since then the board of directors of Belgium’s Jupiler Pro League have made the recommendation of abandoning the campaign.

They are the first UEFA member to make such a move. Reports suggest that the decision could lead to more following the same road, hence the talk of cancellation of the Eredivisie.

Nobody really knows

UEFA officials are in an awkward predicament. As an organisation, they are attempting to make the best decisions for the game. However, as has been talked about so much, they are in an unprecedented situation.

Not since the world wars has football been brought to its knees in such a way. The problem that UEFA have is nobody really knows what the situation will be in a few months. Like everybody in the world, they are making estimates, as the world fights this truly terrible virus.

Will football resume in July?