Vidic: We will struggle to top 2008

But the Serbian defender is hoping for the start of a new cycle for the club.

“I couldn’t imagine a better year,” Vidic told The Sun. “We’ve won three trophies – it will be hard to equal an achievement like that.

“I think the Japan adventure marked the end of a cycle and a beginning of a new one.

“Great clubs chase silverware every season and I hope there’s more to come. Competition for the starting XI is fierce at United and if you want to play you constantly need to prove your point.

“I’ve had the fortune to play for big clubs who can’t stand defeats. That is the case with Manchester United.

“We’ve got used to approaching our job that way and every game comes as a new challenge, regardless of the competition.

“You have to keep improving as a player if you want to be on the team. I’ve adopted that philosophy because I know only hard work can keep me at the top.”