Villa boss O’Neill: I have relegation worries

O’Neill said: “Have I any relegation worries? You always have to be on your guard. We were going along pretty well in October and early November – but not for one second was I fooled by that.

“We then drew a couple of games and then lost a couple and just couldn’t get back on track for a while.

“So, yes, there is always a possibility of being dragged in. The gap is not insurmountable and we need to start winning some games.

“It is certainly an interesting Premiership table for ourselves and teams round about us.

“Those sides slightly above us now who have won a couple of games, I am sure every single one of them has turned their attention to European football. We have to win a couple of games before you can even start to have that thought in your head.

“You need to win some games otherwise you will continue to look over your shoulder.

“Overall we’ve been playing well enough. We haven’t had the results to show for it but many a manager will complain about that. Our job is to win some games.”