We can win the title – Wenger

Cesc Fabregas questioned his side’s lack of experience earlier this week.

Wenger told the Sun: “We have talent, we have youth, therefore I believe we have enough quality to do it.

“We lack experience in some areas, I would not deny that.

“But you can’t have everything. I believe we can compensate for that with desire to win.

“It is right we are young but I don’t believe we lost hard games because we were young, it was because of defensive mistakes.”

He continued: “We brought in Samir Nasri. He fits our team and I am convinced Denilson is getting there and Alex Song will get there too. Nasri will have a huge impact.

“I think if you ask me how many games you think we can lose, I would say zero.

“I always start a season thinking you cannot lose a game but we have lost two already and we are in a position where we have given ourselves a handicap.

“But it is still manageable to get back to the top. There is not a lot of margin for error left — but I still think we can do that.”

He added: “Theo came back from England available to play but I might rest him.

“We play Tuesday again, that’s four games in 10 days. We know how the players respond to the repetition of games.

“I felt that Walcott went away with England already tired after the Sunderland game. He’s the kind of player who plays with a lot of energy. Every time he goes, he goes 100 per cent.”