Wenger: Aston Villa won’t win the title

The Gunners are three points behind Aston Villa in the Premier League.

Wenger insisted: “I don’t think Villa can win the title. They are a threat to the top four but champions? No.

“I could be wrong but in my honest opinion there are other teams in the race who look better equipped to me.

“The other teams have bigger squads with more creative potential. And that has a major input in the longer term.

“Look at the attacking possibilities of Manchester United. They have Berbatov, Rooney, Tevez, Nani, Ronaldo, Giggs and Anderson.

“When you go into March and April and you have two or three players out, United still have players to come straight in at the top level.”

Wenger added: “Maybe Martin O’Neill can build a title-winning team one day but the competition is very high when you are up against United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool.

“Aston Villa have done very well this season. But they are not there yet.”