Wenger blasts ‘diver’ Babel

Babel won a penalty in the game that changed the game.

“Perhaps our season died after we played Liverpool in those three games…yes,” said Wenger.

“At home in the Champions League, we had a penalty that was not given. But at Anfield a penalty was given — and that was the result of a dive.

“I can say that because Kolo did not touch him. Overall, we had bad luck and then more bad luck. But it’s part of the quality of the team to deal with that situation and not to allow that to happen.”

Wenger blasted his own player, Emmanuel Eboue, for diving in the Champions League final against Barcelona in 2006.

“It’s difficult to say you are annoyed about diving, because it can sometimes happen with your own players that they dive,” Wenger added.

“It is down to the players and the referee to get it sorted out, maybe with video assistance.

“They are talking about having a referee behind the goal now and that might help. But I am not convinced. Diving has improved, even though I can show you video replays from some 20 years ago when you had some good divers.

“I don’t feel any pain about it now. In football everyone can become crazy, as it never happens how you want it to.”