West Ham boss Curbishley: We are all grieving

Curbishley said: “All the people around me, all the people in my family, are West Ham fans and they are all grieving. I have found it difficult, it has been so intense.

“There has not been a day when I have not been working. When I was at Charlton I didn’t take any work home but now I do. My boy is a West Ham fan and my wife was brought up in Wilson Road, beside the Bobby Moore statue, so it’s all around me.

“During the transfer window I was finishing training at Chadwell Heath, then going straight over to Upton Park and working until 11 at night on the transfer side. It has been hectic.

“My problem taking over mid-season is that you learn about the players in the games. When you take over a club in preseason you learn about the players in training and in friendlies.

“I’m learning about the players in vital games when things aren’t going right or someone makes a mistake. But I came in with no agenda on any of them.

“But since we’ve been here we’ve only just reached double figures in the number of training sessions we’ve had regarding us and what we want from them. It’s been tough and when the results are not coming it is even more difficult.

“It’s not an excuse. It’s just the problem you face when you come in mid-stream.”