West Ham sign Neill

The Australia international was offered £30,000 a week to join Liverpool, but snubbed the move to Anfield, and will earn £60,000 a week at Upton Park.

The Australian said: “It wasn’t about cash – that didn’t come into it. It was about being wanted. West Ham were knocking down the door to get me whereas Liverpool made a take or leave it offer.

“They didn’t even come in for me until 15 days after the transfer window opened.

“People who have raised their eyebrows at me for making this decision are in for a surprise because West ham have a shopping list of players which almost blew me away.

“People have said I put money before medals and how could I make a sideways move like this and not go to a club like Liverpool, who are always in the hunt for trophies and so much prestige.

“It was an extremely hard decision but I know it’s the right one.

“West Ham moved heaven and earth to sign me while Liverpool gave me the impression that I might not even get a game if I went there.

“I supported them as a kid and I know people are going to give me stick for not choosing them.”