Wolves boss ready for Man Utd clash

McCarthy believes the United players will be desperate to bounce back from their home defeat by Aston Villa on Saturday.

Wolves are coming off a shock 1-0 victory at Tottenham on Saturday.

“They must be rubbing their hands together to be playing Wolves at home,” said McCarthy.

“They must be thinking ‘Wolves are coming and we have just been beaten by Villa… If ever there is a chance to get yourself back on track it is to slap these insolent little so and sos coming up from the Black Country and we are going to give them the biggest doing they have ever had’.

“I would be thinking that if I was a Manchester United player.

“I would be rubbing my hands with glee that we were coming up.

“Go and have a look at the bookmakers and see what they are saying. They are not stupid. There are no skint ones.

“But you know my view on that, don’t you? It doesn’t always work out that way.

“The lads who are playing will be wanting to win the game.

“But we will not be going and chasing it and playing free open and expansive football because if we do they will beat us. Let’s clear that up.

“We will be cautious and disciplined like we were at Tottenham.”