Yobo praise Everton teammate Lescott

Yobo said: “I have been very impressed with Joleon. Very, very impressed. Joleon has come here and done very, very well and proved that he can be a top player. I’m very happy for him as he is my room-mate – he helps me out a lot!

“We have got a good understanding. He has played very well, settled in without a problem and that’s all I can say. We are very pleased that he is our player and we have struck up a good relationship very quickly.

“No disrespect to Davie and Stubbsy because I have played with them for a long time and they have taught me a lot of things. They are tremendous professionals. With Joleon, we always understand each other and communicate well during the game.

“We are both very quick and we know that nobody is going to get in behind us. That makes it a bit easier. You don’t want to be stepping up [for offside] all the time. When you step up, there will be space behind you but we both know that we can get back to cover.”