Young is a marked man

The 23-year-old has had an impressive start to the season.

Young said: “Ashley is receiving extra attention.

“That is a major compliment to him and it is about coping with those things and he has got a really good footballing brain.

“He is going to have to adjust. He is going to have to play the ball sometimes to unmarked team-mates — if only to find the space to then get the ball back again himself.

“I think at some stage, there will be things in the game that do frustrate you.

“Ashley has to overcome that and he is making a fair fist of that for one so young.”

He added: “I’ve been really lucky with some of the people I’ve worked with.

“In my early days at Wycombe, I had Steve Guppy who could deliver a fantastic ball and I then took him to Leicester.

“I had Alan Thompson at Celtic who could put it anywhere you want it and he scored some great goals.

“But Ashley is also just brilliant. When he got the free-kick in the last game at Villa Park against Sunderland, you just felt he could score.”