Zokora: I made the right choice joining Tottenham

He told the Daily Mirror: “It is very satisfying knowing that I have made the right decision. We may have had a bad start to the Premiership because a lot of new players have needed time to gel. But now everything is going so well in the Cups and in the League.

“Lennon, Huddlestone and Dawson are excellent young players. I saw Lennon play at the World Cup for England and he is very quick and one of the most important players in the team. At any time he can set up a goal-scoring opportunity, that’s how dangerous he is.

“Huddlestone is a fine all-round defensive midfielder who can produce any pass. He always looks very relaxed on the ball and he is always at ease.

“Dawson is one of the best defenders we have got because he is very aggressive and he will break down any situation.

“Tottenham have got all the players – from Dawson at the back to Jermain Defoe at the front – to form the spine of the English national team.

“Success at club level leads to success at national level. Because the spine is already here, the same players can bring success for the country.”