Balotelli in parting shot at English life

Mario Balotelli had a parting shot at the way of life in England as he was unveiled as an AC Milan player.

The Italian forward left Manchester City this week to return to Milan, and although he was full of praise for English football, the culture surrounding it clearly wore away at him.

“To be a player for Milan has always been my dream so I’m very happy,” said Balotelli. “But I prefer playing not talking.”

“Now I’m at Milan it’s very important above all because I am close to my family and friends. Manchester is not so far but it’s not close like Milan.

Questioned on the positive aspects of life in England, Balotelli responded: “Good things, only when I get to Carrington to train, so my team mates, my manager, those are the good things. The bad things?…everything else. The press first, the weather, the food and the way they drive.

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