Napoli boss ready for AC Milan clash

Napoli boss Edy Reja admits he is ready for the clash with AC Milan at San Siro this evening.

The coach of the Serie A leaders admits they will go out to attack Milan.

“There is so much enthusiasm around the side. I realise Napoli are physically and psychologically strong and it is truly a pleasure to see the spirit with which they step on to the pitch,” said Reja.

“However, against Milan enthusiasm cannot be enough. We are facing a stellar side that is also on the ascendancy.

“We must try to play a game without mistakes, staying extremely focused in defence and adding our quality into the mix. It will be an extremely intense match.”

He added: “What cages can you possibly build when taking on Alexandre Pato, Ronaldinho, Kaka, Pippo Inzaghi, Marco Borriello or Andriy Shevchenko?

“Napoli have never adopted that kind of tactical neutralisation anyway. Of course we must be sharp to limit the supply to their strikers, because these are all world class champions. If they have the ball and run at the goal, they will show no mercy.”

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