Premier League Clown

Jimmy Bullard is by many regarded as the biggest clown in the Premier League.

Hull star Bullard has done many crazy things during his football career and you can always see he is enjoying his time in the spotlight.

When Bullard played for Wigan against Everton in a game, the midfielder showed why he is regarded as a clown. A cluster gathered near the Toffees goal and Bullard took up speed and buck-jumped an Everton player.

You can see the clip here:

Bullard is also known for the time when one of his teammates where struck down by Everton legend Duncan Ferguson. The referee and several players ran to the incident, while Bullard just stood next to Ferguson and did not know whether he should laugh, cry or be afraid.

You can see the clip here:

Even though Bullard has been out of action with an injury since January, he has still managed to get noticed. The Premier League players were filmed for five seconds while they smiled, so that they could appear before the television broadcasts this season. But Bullard could as usual not restrain himself.

You can see the clip here:

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