Who will buy Liverpool?

George Gillett and Tom Hicks are set to sell, but who are the prospective new Liverpool owners?

Martin Broughton was appointed to oversee the sale of the club earlier this year and it now looks like a deal could completed this month.

But just who are the prospective owners of the Reds?

Yahya Kirdi

The Syrian businessman and former international footballer is backed by a group of investors from the Middle East and Canada.

Kirdi claimed earlier this month that he has agreed a deal with Liverpool co-owners Gillett and Hicks to buy the Reds.

A statement from Kirdi said: “The group is in advanced negotiations with Thomas Hicks and George Gillett to purchase 100 per cent of the club.

“Agreement has been reached on all major terms including the purchase price, repayment of the existing bank debt from RBS and Wells Fargo and financing of a new stadium in Liverpool’s Stanley Park.

Kirdi reportedly attended Liverpool’s game with Stoke City back in January.

Kenny Huang

It has been reported that this Chinese businessman has secured backing from the China Investment Corporation. Huang has reportedly held talks with those in chareg of the sale of Liverpool.

Huang is reported to be a billionarie sports tycoon but the Financial Times has discovered that his only formal rolves are as an investor in a minor league Chinese basketball team, a Chinese basketball magazine and two sports marketing companies.

It has been reported that Huang had a 15 per cent stake of the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team, but that has later been denied by the NBA.

The National Basketball Association told the Financial Times: “Mr Huang has never had an ownership interest in the Cleveland Cavaliers or any other NBA team nor was he ever affiliated with an owner of an interest in an NBA team.”

Subrata Roy

The Sahara Group, owned by Subrata Roy, have reportedly been trying to negotiate with the club for several months. But the company is worried about Liverpool’s £351million debts.

“[Liverpool] has a lot of debts, so they need to lower their expectations before we can make a bid,” a person close to the Sahara Group told the Financial Times.

The Sahara company sponsors the Indian national cricket team.

Rafed Al-Kharafi

Rafed Al-Kharafi is the nephew of the Kuwait-based billionaire Nasser Al-Kharafi.

Rafed has reportedly been in talks to buy the club several times in recent years, but has so far failed to complete a deal.

The Rhone Group

The Rhone Group is a New York-based private equity firm. It has previously been linked with a £110million move for a 40 per cent stake in the Reds. Reports have claimed that the group could be ready to make a new move for the club.

Even tough there are plenty of bidders interested, the club have yet to received proof of funds from any of them and it could still be a long while until there is a new owner at Anfield.

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