Abete hits back at UEFA president Platini

Platini blasted Totti for snubbing the chance to play for Italy.

Abete said: “I guess Platini is offering himself as the new Italy Coach.

“But we already have one and that is Roberto Donadoni. He is the one who makes the decision on Totti’s call-up.

“Every Federation has its own way of working and you can’t really say that Italian players are not committed to the Azzurri shirt. No one has escaped from the national team.”

The FIGC President continued: “Paolo Maldini played over 100 matches and Alessandro Nesta more than 70.

“Instead players who appear for their national teams, and this is true abroad as well, at some point feel that the stress and fatigue is just too much.

“It happened to Maldini, but also to Zinedine Zidane and Lilian Thuram.”