Abramovich: I’m with Chelsea for the long haul

The Russian billionaire told the Observer: “People who know me said I will win one or two Premierships and will not be interested after that. The reality is that we’ve won two Premierships, but I’m more excited about this particular season than last year or the year before. I am a fan of special nature. I’m getting excited before every single game. The trophy at the end is less important than the process itself.

“Something that really disappoints me is when Chelsea lose. I cannot stand it. Winning the first Premiership was a moment of happiness and I could talk about that for ages. This is a joy very different for Chelsea fans who’d been waiting for this victory for 50 years. I was very happy for myself, not only because Chelsea won the Premiership, but because the victory made so many other Chelsea fans happy. Being an observer to that made me happy.”