AC Milan closing in on Luis Fabiano

The Rossoneri vice-president Adriano Galliani admitted on Wednesday that the Brazilian striker was the only name left on their summer shopping list.

“Negotiations are underway between Milan and Sevilla, we are simply witnesses for the time being,” agent Jose Fuentes revealed to Sky Sport 24.

“Milan have lodged an official offer of €14 million with Sevilla, but it was not accepted. Let’s hope that Milan will now up their bid in order to reach an agreement.

“I am optimistic in life, the affair can end well. There is a meeting scheduled shortly, an agreement is close. Something could happen next week, we obviously hope that an agreement will be reached as soon as possible.”

“That should be the right price, but an agreement could be struck at a lower figure,” concluded Fuentes, when asked about a possible €20million transfer fee.