AC Milan coach Ancelotti: We aren’t lucky

The Rossoneri beat Atalanta, Napoli and Sportin Braga with late winners.

“It is true we won those games thanks to a little bit of luck, but we certainly do not owe our position to good fortune,” explained Ancelotti.

“Don’t forget we beat Napoli at the end, but had the chances to easily do so earlier. I think as a team we are able to take control more towards the end of matches, when the opponent tends to loosen the marking a little and space opens up for us.”

AC Milan will face Lecce at the Stadio Via del Mare on Sunday evening.

Ancelotti said: “Lecce are well-organised with a good defence and I think they will maintain their characteristics even though they are facing a side like Milan.

“We have always run into problems away to Lecce, but then again we said the same of Atalanta, so we hope to have similar good fortune here too.”