Almunia: We must improve in front of goal

The 31-year-old says ‘the fans deserve more’ as they have dropped valuable points in the league with three successive goalless draws.

Almunia said: “The fans deserve more.

“Before, we probably used to create a few more chances and also we would finish those chances quicker. Now we are spending a bit more time to get a final shot.

“The players realise the fans deserve more from us and maybe some of the players are feeling more pressure at the moment at home because we are not winning games.

“The only good thing that we can see from these kind of games when we are dropping points is we are still getting clean sheets.”

“The team in general, defensively, are doing very well,” he added. “We now need to find that nice balance where we are tight at the back but get the goals.

“It is what a team like Manchester United has been so successful with this season.

“They have always been getting the clean sheet and then just managing to get the goal. They have the confidence to get that minimum one goal. We have to get that confidence back.”