Anigo: Arsenal in Ribery talks

But he also insists that there has not been made any form for agreement between the two clubs, after the talks.

Anigo told the club’s website: “I must make this clear. There is no agreement with Arsenal nor with any other European club.

“Arsenal came to discuss the situation with Pape (Diouf, Marseille president) and Arsene Wenger spoke to him. But there were also talks with other big clubs in Europe. I could tell you about all of them but there aren’t enough digits on my two hands to count them.

“It must be said that Franck is very wanted and he has a price. But our objective is to claim a place in the Champions League and for that to happen, we must keep our best players.

“I don’t see why we are discussing the departure of Franck because we have more pressing objectives and we want to keep our best players.

“That is just common sense. If we don’t manage to qualify for the Champions League, we will obviously have to answer the question then. But I repeat – there is no agreement with Arsenal, on my part or that of Pape Diouf.”