Arsenal and Newcastle target confirms Chelsea interest

Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino
Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino. Photo by Shutterstock.

Brazilian wonderkid Gabriel Moscardo has revealed that Chelsea wanted to sign him in the summer.

The 18-year-old midfielder has attracted interest from the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea and Newcastle in recent month.

Following his side Corinthian’s draw with Atletico Mineiro, Moscardo said: “There was a proposal from Chelsea months ago, but I talk a lot with my agent and my parents and they try to give me as little information as possible.

“They say there is not long until the end of the season, they tell me to dedicate myself and do well, and that at the end of the season, there will be good things.

“I know very little information. My father knows a few things, he prefers not to tell me so as not to influence my head too much, to end up taking a little bit of my focus here, he says: ‘Here your focus is on Corinthians’.

“Of course there’s interest from various clubs, I’ve also heard about it, there was strong interest from Chelsea a few months ago, but if you stop to think about where I’m going now, at this moment, it’s not good.

“I want to help Corinthians now to get them out of this situation. Let’s wait for the season to end, there are still a few games to go, and we’ll see what we can do.”