Arsenal boss calls for international football to be ‘re-organised’

Wenger feels a change is needed to the fixture schedule and he believes it will benefit both clubs and countries.

“[A change] certainly cannot be avoided,” Wenger told the club’s official website. “You have to re-think, it is not natural that as a club manager you look always that you do not want your players to play for the national team. I am basically happy and proud that I make a player an international player.

“You always fight a little bit for the interest of your club and it is most of the time conflicting with the national team schedule.

“It would be better that you say ‘OK for one month they are yours and play your games’.

“For example we have in the next international break England v France, the players will turn up on Monday and what can they do on Monday? Nothing. Most of them have played on Sunday and then Tuesday is the day before the game so they can do nothing.

“So they play the game on Wednesday and then they go home again. The manager doesn’t have time to get a feel for the players and to know the players better, I don’t see what kind of benefit it has for the manager.”