Arsenal boss calls on the fans to back his kids

Wenger commented on the lack of backing from the fans at yesterday’s AGM when he hit back at complaints that they are not competing with Chelsea and Manchester United for titles.

He said: “You are all very quiet today. It reminds me of Saturday’s game at the Emirates.

“I am very proud of this team but at the moment I don’t believe we are getting the support we deserve.

“I understand you were all very disappointed we did not win the Premier League last season after we led the table for so long.

“But you have to be intelligent and instead of showing resentment you have to be behind the team more than ever. This team needs a strong guide to go through a difficult period. The younger the players are, the more support they need.”

Wenger has now been 12-years at the club.

He said: “When I came to Arsenal shares were worth about £400. Now they are worth more than £7,000. That is because we are consistently well managed and moving forward.

“I am such an optimist and I would like you to cheer up and share my optimism. You have to be positive when you go to Istanbul and win 5-2 when the oldest member of your midfield is only 21.

“We are one of only four teams in Europe who have been in the Champions League for 10 consecutive years.

“We have also created a culture of football which means we are respected and admired throughout the world and play as a team rather than as a collection of individuals.

“Maybe we are not always as ruthless as we can be but if you look at the top scoring teams over the past 10 years, you will always find Arsenal in the top two.”