Arsenal boss: Walcott is almost over his form slump

Wenger said: “He is on the verge of getting over it.

“He has made the biggest step now. It is part of growing – being hit by the expectation level.

“When you start no one expects anything from you. Once you are established people expect something special every time you touch the ball.

“It is part of the maturing process to get over that, learn to deal with it and stick to what made your game strong.

“Once you are famous and have a name, it is difficult to keep being patient. You forget that this boy is not even 18. Every time he touches the ball people expect a lot of him.

“Just let him play, give him the confidence. He has made big, big improvements in the last six months. That will come out very shortly.”

He added: “When you are so young, you always rate the goals rather than a good pass or a good cross.

“I don’t mind that he has not scored. In the past he has scored goals for fun. At the moment, he has not scored – so it must play a part on his mind.

“What convinces me is he is such a good finisher in training. But the way he took his last two chances on the field was a bit hesitant. That means it is certainly playing on his mind.”