Arsenal boss Wenger: Henry feels he’s let the club down

Wenger said: “Thierry has played a World Cup, he has a clean lifestyle, he is every night in bed, he eats well and drinks what a sportsman should, but sometimes you have to accept that nature sometimes says stop, I do not want it now, and you have to stop. Its part of our job.

“We depend first on our health. When you are 20 you feel nothing can destroy you – but suddenly a small little part of your body can put you on your knees. That is football.”

Wenger added: “There is nothing worse when you are a football player. You know that you are judged on your performances – and you know you cannot perform at your best.

“He tells me that he is sorry and he feels he has let us down a little bit – but he should not feel that because what can you do about injuries?”