Arsenal striker reckons money is killing football

Adebayor said at the launch of EA Sports’ Fifa 09: “Money is killing the spirit of the game. I don’t want to mention a name here, but good players are made to be in a great team.

“And most of the players are not in a bad team, but they are not in their right place or position. Money is killing football because some people are making the decision because of money.

“If I had made my decision because of money, I would not be at Arsenal. I would have been in Milan or Barcelona. You know how I could be earning a lot more money than I am earning here.

“I made my decision because I love playing for Arsenal and don’t regret anything.”

He added: “I think I’ve won the fans back and they can’t ask me to do any more. I’m fighting for the team, I love playing for Arsenal and at the moment we’re in good shape.

“I’ve done quite well in my career so far, but I’m still empty-handed. I now want to fill my hands with trophies, which is the reason I stayed at Arsenal. I want to repay them.

“It didn’t hurt me when the fans booed as I knew what had been happening and that I’m an innocent guy. If they booed me and I didn’t know why, I’d be upset.

“But I knew people had been saying I was leaving and wanted to leave, so I understood. But it never came from me and there’s no-one that can say today ‘Adebayor told me he wanted to leave’.

“I decided to stay at Arsenal, told the boss I wanted to sign a new contract and eventually we did.”