Arsenal’s Adebayor: We will be playing for Gallas on Sunday

Adebayor said: “Sunday will be one of the biggest games in the world and we have to be mentally ready to put up a real challenge to our opponents.

“It will be another war and the important thing is to show no fear and enjoy the battle.

“I love the pressure of the big, important games like this. These are the games you dream of playing in. And we aim to do to Chelsea what we did at Manchester United earlier in the season.

“I have never played against Terry and Ricardo Carvalho before but I have faced many other powerful defenders and I love the physical challenge.

“It will be very tough on Sunday because Terry is one of the best defenders in the world. But it is at these times when you find out if you can perform in the big matches.”

He added: “We will all be playing for William on Sunday. He is one of our very important players and he will be at the stadium with us.

“But if he is not on the pitch we will have to win without him and Thierry because we still have a lot of talented young players who are working together as a family.”