Arshavin desperate to leave Zenit

The 27-year-old was linked with moves to Barcelona, Tottenham and Arsenal in the summer.

“A professional cannot be reluctant to play if he enters the field,” he told Sport Express.

“I am doing my best for Zenit, but four months ago I told the chairman of the club that I don’t want to stay in the team. And then I repeated it continually.

“Unfortunately, my words were either ignored or underestimated.

“The problem boils down to whether Zenit set a realistic price.

“If that happens, I will leave; if not, I will be listed in the Zenit squad but only on paper. Next year, I don’t want to – and won’t – play here.

“That is not an ultimatum but a typical reaction to the situation.

“I was always thinking that it is possible to come to an agreement and leave smoothly, but now I have much less hope.

“A conflict seems necessary but, bless me, I wanted it least of all.

“The management of the club does not know about my decision yet, but they will learn about it after this interview.”

He added: “I am not satisfied playing in Zenit and I think my teammates do not enjoy the game either as they see my situation.

“Generally speaking, I have been suffering for four months and the team is in torment with me.

“The Champions League is of course a kind of an impetus, but that is only six games.

“At the moment, I am a part of the team and it is important for me that the team finishes as high in the Russian championship as possible.

“I repeat that, if I enter the field, I do everything I can at that moment. If I did not want to play, I would say it.”