Barton urges Newcastle to spend

Barton has called on the Magpies to add to the squad in the summer, in order to be able to challenge for a European spot.

The 28-year-old said: “I know it’s the nature of this club sometimes that it’s stop-start.

“As soon as we get something going, players get sold and then we have to start again.

“It feels like it’s a constant work-in-progress and it is tough in that respect although we have character and spirit in abundance.

“We’ve got some good players in there and, if we can add more to that in the summer, then we’ve got the basis, a spine of a top side and a side that is capable of challenging for Europe, in my opinion.”

Barton added: “We need a squad to compete on all fronts and we want to do that.

“That’s up to the men upstairs to make sure we amass a squad and get the bodies in to challenge for Europe.

“You need to spend money. If you pay peanuts you get monkeys so hopefully they spend it (the Carroll money) and spend it wisely.

“We’ve probably got 15-16 Premier League-quality players with that experience but I think you need 20-22 to really compete at the top end.”