Bayern Munich president: We’re no longer respected

“The myth that Bayern always win in the end has taken a break,” Beckenbauer said.

“The small clubs have become cheeky and have lost all respect. The whole league senses that we are fallible.

“The football gods have turned their back on us and where we used to have luck, we are now only getting misfortune.

“But that will soon change again.”

Beckenbauer defended coach Jurgen Klinsmann and reckons the former Tottenham ace just needs time.

“He has got to cope with the criticism from the terraces and from the media,” said Beckenbauer in the Bild newspaper.

“But we must keep a cool head too. What is decisive is that the relationship between the coach and the team is intact.

“That was not the case with Felix Magath in the end, for example, but I cannot see any gulf with Klinsmann.

“He just needs time before his ideas start to work.”