Belarus coach believes England can win the World Cup

England won 3-0 at home over Belarus in a World Cup qualifier last night.

Belarus missed injured Stuttgart star Alexander Hleb for the game.

Stange said: “If you lose 3-0 away you should have shame but I have no shame today. We gave England a present with an early goal and it was very difficult. I think 3-0 is a clear result, but it is too high.

“I cannot be proud because we lost but we have a good side and everybody saw we can play football. I’m not happy with 3-0. I’m disappointed but there is no shame.

“We have to develop our team. A small country cannot deliver enough players of quality. Five of our players are playing in a local league and the Premier League is a big gap.

“Fabio made it clear they are going to win the World Cup and they have a strong team. They should go for the cup, it’s possible.”