Benitez: Liverpool is the right place for Mascherano

Benitez said: “We’ve monitored him since he was at River Plate and the big question is can he play in England?

“Well he can certainly do a lot better than he has at West Ham. The style of play at River Plate and Corinthians is different to over here.

“Maybe if he was going to go to an English club, West Ham wasn’t the right one for him.

“When you go to a different country, you do always need time – you have to learn a new language, which is a big thing.

“So maybe this club will be a good option for him because we can talk to him in Spanish and play a different style of football too.

“Corinthians and River Plate are top sides in their countries and he has been winning trophies there, as well as playing in the World Cup with Argentina, where he was top class.

“Of course, you need to find out if a player can be settled at your club but I think there’ll be more possibilities here.”