Berba admits he was a United flop

Berbatov says the stress of it all have him sleepless nights, according to The Sun.

The 28-year-old told The Sun: “In my first year I was disappointed in myself. I need to say that.

“It was a big pressure for me and maybe I failed myself. I think I wanted to prove myself to these supporters.

“You must remember, they are used to Best, Charlton, Cantona. I am just Dimitar.

“I got a number of assists, but I must score more goals.”

He added: “I don’t know what I am doing wrong sometimes. Maybe it’s luck, maybe it’s me… who knows?

“At nights I have stayed awake thinking, ‘You could have done this instead’.”

Berbatov added: “I will be honest. This criticism did affect me, but not in a negative way.

“I looked at our ProZone stats and saw that I was ninth in distance covered.

“I am kind of a nerd. I looked at them too much, maybe. By the end of the season I was fourth. Maybe this season I will be first!”

He added: “I am more pleased with my overall game in this second season already.

“I feel that I have integrated myself better into the team. I am much stronger, much fitter. But I still wish I could score more.”