Birmingham could redevelop St Andrew’s

The Blues are keen to boost the ground’s capacity to 46,000 and could rebuild the Garrison Lane.

Pannu said: “Things are in the pipeline. We are talking with the city council and doing project reports.

“Once they are available, I’ll study them and discuss with [club owner] Carson Yeung and our consultants on this issue.

“The capacity of St Andrew’s is 30,000 and we are considering pulling down our old Garrison Lane stand as another option.

“For us to build this extended capacity, the indication from our experts is that it would be a size increase to 45,000 or 46,000.”

He added: “If we go up to 46,000, with our current average home gates we would be 20,000 short of filling a redeveloped ground.

“That’s why I call upon our fans to actively participate in making this dream a reality.

“There’s no point in having a 46,000-seater stadium if we are not going to fill it.”