Bolton forward Diouf: Everybody loves me

Diouf told The Sun: “I have two more years on my contract and I don’t want to leave this club because I respect it.

“When I was at Liverpool, everybody thought English football was not for me. But here, people respect me and I have shown my quality. I want to give back to the club, not leave.

“I’ve read I want to go but what I’ve actually said is that if a big club comes in and the club are happy and I am happy, I move.

“But if this club is not happy and I’m not happy about the move, then I want to stay. I have everything here with the fans – I am playing good football and everybody loves me.

“Throwing my shirt into the crowd meant nothing.

“Before the game, people asked me for my shirt. I want to make them happy by giving away my shirt or my boots.

“I think it was one of the best games I’ve had for this club but more important than me is this football club.”