Buffon confident of win over Brazil

Italy will face Brazil in an international friendly in London.

“A match between Italy and Brazil can never be a normal game, and this is why I am looking forward to playing, and hopefully claiming a prestigious victory as well,” Buffon said in an interview with Sky Italia.

“We are all very focused ahead of this match, and I do not want to say that it will be a battle between me and Julio Cesar tomorrow.

“There are ten other players on each team, and so this friendly will not be the comparison between two of the best goalkeepers in the world, as you put it.”

He added: “As well as this, there are two or three more keepers that are part of this ranking, and so it is unfair to make these judgments.

“I think I have done well in recent matches with Juventus, and so I am really looking forward to the test of playing Brazil, as I like being challenged.

“We will give our all in this match, and I will say that I want to beat Brazil to make it clear that we are the champions of the world.”