Buffon: Mourinho lacks respect

Mourinho told journalist that the Old Lady are only closing in on Inter because referees were giving them points.

“His comments didn’t make me laugh,” Buffon told La Stampa. “I have always respected him as a person and as a communicator but I believe there are limits that he knows only too very well.

“He shouldn’t overstep the line. The first limit is not to bring football to the level of chatter you hear at your local bar, ridiculing it.

“Look what has come out, those strong and vehement accusations… If a director wants to complain about something, then he should do it, but when a Coach or a player does, it bothers me.

“He lacks respect. Even if in the case of Mourinho I don’t know if it really were a lack of respect or just an abandonment of reality.

“The fact that you asked me what I think about Mourinho means he has achieved his goal. He has diverted attention.

“I would have liked it if during the press conference someone had raised their hand and said: ‘But what are you saying?'”