Campbell: Portsmouth move turned my career

Campbell said: “Coming here is like my career turning full circle.

“Yes, the facilities aren’t the same I have been used to with Arsenal and England but I am enjoying my football again.

“Coming down here for me is a different level. I was focused before but now the focus is slightly different. More intense maybe.

“Bigger clubs have more resources to draw on in terms of players and experience. Here, you have to look after yourself more because you are more important to the set-up as there’s not necessarily anyone there to take your place.

“I’m happy. At a club which is totally different but I’m happy.

“Sometimes you have less but you have more. I’m trying to help the club move in the right direction and I would be very happy if we got into Europe next year.

“I’m happier in life as well – it’s all linked up. I’m a human being and a footballer.

“There are players who are just complete robots. I’m not a robot.

“Life is about your football, your friends and family and where you live . . . the whole package.”