Campbell wants action against racism

The England international says football’s authorities should use tougher measures to stamp out the problem.

“I think that they [the game’s authorities] are going to have to do more,” said Campbell. “My situation is a small part.

“You also have racial abuse in the rest of Europe. The only way you can stop it from happening is by taking points from clubs. Then it would definitely stop.

“If it’s just way over the top and you start taking points, you can lose the championship or you can be going down. That’s the only way you can stop fans’ abuse on that type of level.

“There is all sorts up and down the league, there is always someone saying something or part of the crowd saying something to certain players, but there is a level and once that level is crossed, I think people have to step in and sort it out.

“Football seems to think it can keep on going without getting checked. In most other sports on this level, it doesn’t ­happen. You’re not going to get that in tennis, rugby, cricket or athletics. It’s just not accepted.”