Carew pledges future to Villa

Carew joined Villa from Lyon in 2007 and has become a hit in the Midlands club.

Carew told The Sun: “I love it here. I love the football, I love the club. The fans have been unbelievable and I will never forget them.

“If anything happens now, if I had to stop playing football tomorrow, I would still love the Villa fans.

“Every year it gets harder to perform at the same level. I’m working hard to please the fans and I am disappointed when I can’t give back what they give us and give me.

“When the fans think I am too old to do it, they will definitely let me know!

“But I hope I have some good years left. As long as my body feels strong and I can perform at this level, and keep up with how football develops.

“I feel I have some good years left. You never know what’s going to happen but as long as Villa are happy and I’m happy, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be here.

“It has been fantastic up until now. When I arrived we were 16th and in danger of getting relegated.

“I have seen it getting better. The new training ground, the team, the squad. Players who were fresh and inexperienced are now internationals.

“I am proud to be part of a team that has been getting more and more solid and consistent.

“When I came to the club the goal was to qualify for Europe in two years – we qualified in one year.

“Now we have a little dream of the Champions League. It’s a big goal but we think we can do it.

“Everyone is digging in for everybody. When the team is so unified and everyone is working so hard for each other we get results.”